What is a Certificate of Conformity (COC) and when is it needed?
There are many reasons why a motorist decides to buy a vehicle abroad, whatever the reason, the Certificate of Car Conformity is essential for subsequent registration in Italy (and vice versa). Many people decide to buy a car abroad for various reasons that can also be economic savings or vehicle quality, so in all these cases the European Certificate of Conformity (also known by the acronym Coc) is subsequently essential. official required for registration within national borders. It is therefore not an accessory file but a real legal obligation. Knowing therefore what it is for, what it is, but above all who can issue the Car Certificate of Conformity, allows you to save time and get behind the wheel of the vehicle without bureaucratic hitches.

The importance of the Car Certificate of Conformity is soon said: it is the document that puts in black and white the compliance of a vehicle purchased in the European Union with the provisions in force in Italy. This is a step that is anything but taken for granted due to the different legislation in the various European countries regarding mobility. It is no coincidence that the European Union thought of creating a common platform to harmonize individual national regulations. More precisely, Directive 2007/46 / EC lays down the rules on the type-approval of vehicles. It establishes that in order for the Car Certificate of Conformity to be considered valid or to be issued, it must contain some essential information on the characteristics of the vehicle. It is based on the European approval number consisting of four groups of alphanumeric characters:

the first identifies the granting Member State;

1 the second refers to the reference directive of the European Union;

2 the third refers to the basic number of the approval and any updates;

3 the fourth refers to the national registration code.

The Car Certificate of Conformity certifies the ownership of the vehicle by the dealership prior to registration. It is the European declaration of conformity for cars (M1, passenger vehicles), trucks (N1, utility vehicles) and motorcycles (L). The car owner needs the Coc to:

1 exporting a vehicle from a European country to another European country;

2 importing a vehicle in Italy and registered abroad;

3 exporting a vehicle from Italy and registered in Italy.

If the vehicle was registered for the first time in a country other than those belonging to the European Union, the manufacturer cannot issue the Certificate of Conformity for the car. In fact, it may not comply with Community standards and therefore lack the European approval number. This is for example the case of cars built in the United States or Canada, Japan or China, Russia or any Asian country. The Car Certificate of Conformity can then be issued by the dealer, by the Motorization Authority or through one of the numerous online platforms that offer this service. The cost of the Coc varies from a few tens of euros up to well over 200 euros for those who choose the path of web portals.

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