General Conditions

These general conditions are issued by: THE ITALIA JOB LTD, with registered office at 16, Wenlock Road, London, England, N17AX company identification code: 13464625, registered in England and Wales as a private limited liability company.

These general conditions will apply to the relations between THE ITALIA JOB LTD (the supplier) and the customer as deriving from the contract.

The subject of the contract is the provision of the certificate of conformity (COC) for imported vehicles pursuant to § 5 of Law no. 725/2004 Coll. On the conditions of use of vehicles used for road traffic, and subsequent amendments and additions. The COC is a document issued by the manufacturer in which it is declared that the type of vehicle produced complies with the technical requirements required for EC approval; or the certificate, as a document issued by the supplier’s representative, with complete and detailed information about the vehicle registration; or partial attestation, as a document issued by the supplier’s representative, with complete and detailed information aimed at any additional approval procedure in order to allow the vehicle to be registered.

In the event that the supplier and the customer do not enter into a specific paper contract, the contract will be stipulated through the electronic transaction system managed by the supplier on as specified in much more detail in art. II of these conditions.

These general conditions describe in detail the rights and obligations of the supplier and the customer and form an integral part of the same supply contract in their updated version, and are also binding for both contracting parties.
The Customer is a natural person, at least 16 years old or an organization who has sent an electronic order for the delivery of a COC processed by the website system after the respective authorization. By Customer we mean:
A customer registered on the supplier’s web page (, with a personal account created and assigned on the basis of his registration;
an unregistered customer – each unregistered customer.

By electronic order we mean a form to be sent electronically, containing the identification data of the customer and the data of the vehicle for which the COC must be issued; this order will be processed through the website system The approval of the electronic order, in its final phase, will be considered as a binding request by the customer to adhere to the contract.

By submitting an electronic order, the customer confirms to agree and fully accept the communication in electronic format, especially via e-mail and internet, as this type of communication is valid and binding for both contracting parties.

Each electronic order must contain the following:
name and surname or company name of the customer, e-mail address, residence or registered office, or possibly also address for correspondence (if different from that of the residence or registered office), telephone number, billing data and VAT number.

Vehicle type, vehicle make, country of first registration and year of first registration, chassis number (“vehicle VIN number”);
the electronic order must also contain other data, if required for a particular brand (homologation number, vehicle color), or documents relating to the object of the order (copy of the vehicle registration certificate, copy of the sales contract,
copy of the customer’s identification card and photograph of the vehicle identification plate);

Any electronic orders that do not contain all the data referred to in point 2.3 will not be taken into consideration for the purpose of the request for stipulation of the contract; in such cases the supplier will limit himself to informing the customer of the reasons why his order has not been accepted.

The contract between supplier and customer will be concluded on the basis of an electronic order as follows:
Regardless of whether the customer is registered or unregistered, the supplier processes the customer’s electronic order. Then the contract is stipulated upon approval of the electronic order by the supplier, through an e-mail from the supplier sent to the customer, with information on the processing of the electronic order, confirmation of payment; the e-mail message will be delivered to the customer no later than the next business day following the order. The supplier assumes the obligation to have the COC issued only on condition that the entire payment has been correctly made for his benefit.

The stipulated in point 2.5.1 will be invoiced and delivered together with the COC in question.
By virtue of sending the electronic order as per point 2.1, the customer:

confirms to be aware of these conditions and to accept them without reservation, e
confirms that, agrees and fully recognizes the form of electronic communication, in particular via electronic mail (e-mail) and the internet, as valid and binding for both parties;
gives its consent to the issuance and receipt of invoices in electronic format
the customer confirms that he has been duly informed on the rights of consumers pursuant to law no. 18/2018 Coll., In particular that it cannot withdraw from the contract concerning the provision of the service, if the start of this service took place with an explicit agreement before the expiry of the withdrawal period,
grants unconditional consent to the processing and use of your personal data pursuant to law no. 18/2018 Coll .; on the protection of personal data and general regulation on data protection, such data will be used in accordance only with the needs of the supplier and the needs in relation to order processing.

3.1 The supplier is obliged to:

deliver the COC in compliance with the parameters included in the electronic order, as well as pack it or ensure its protection during the delivery phase,
provide the COC in compliance (according to the best knowledge and good faith) with the regulations and standards applicable in the member countries of the European Union for the vehicle registration procedure,
provide the customer with a tax document in paper or electronic format,
enter electronic orders in the system and process them according to their temporal order of arrival,
provide the COC as soon as possible, under the conditions set out in point 7.4.
perform technical shutdowns and system maintenance that could cause the website to be temporarily unavailable,
withdraw from the contract if the customer fails to pay within 48 hours after placing the order.

4.1 The customer is required to:

provide real data in the order,
attach the documents required for processing to the order,
provide for the regular and timely payment for the supply of the COC as agreed between the parties,
arrange payment
update your personal and billing data, in the event of changes to them, by notifying the supplier at or by making the changes directly on your personal virtual account on,
The customer has the right to obtain the refund of payments made, in case of unavailability or non-existence of the COC for a particular vehicle, or if it is not possible to execute the order; in this case the amount paid will be reimbursed to the customer in due time according to the same amount and the same way in which the payment was made.

Customer registration on the supplier’s website is optional.
The customer must specify at least his name and surname, or company name, e-mail address and password for registration; he is also required to update his identification data in the event of any changes thereto.
Once the customer provides complete registration data, this data will serve as a basis for the supplier who will use this data in order to process orders and tax documents.

If the registration is successful, a personal virtual account of the customer is created; the access data (which must be confirmed by the customer by clicking on the registration link) will then be sent by e-mail.
We advise our customers to register in case they want to request other COCs in the future. Opening an account will allow you to make requests without having to enter your personal data every time you want to request a COC. Your personal data and other settings can be changed at any time via e-mail or in the “Edit data” section, after logging into your account. If you wish to cancel your registration, send us an e-mail to
If you contact us for assistance, we will keep an internal record of the assistance provided.

Payment for the provision of a COC can be made in the following ways:
Stripe – payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, Amex)
by bank transfer to THE ITALIA JOB LTD account shown on the web page.
Payment for the supply and delivery of a COC will be considered as “properly made” at the time of crediting the entire sum to the supplier’s account, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.
For the COC request, the supplier requires advance payment (ie after the final confirmation of the order by the customer), unless otherwise agreed upon pursuant to these with

terms stipulated between the parties.
The supplier reserves the right to agree with the customer different payment methods than those mentioned above.
The supplier is subject to the payment of VAT. If the customer does not enter a valid VAT number before the final confirmation of the electronic order (or as a registered customer, in his profile), the supplier will not be able to accept late notifications of the circumstance in question.
The Supplier does not accept checks payments.
6.8 In the event of delays in the payment of the remuneration by the customer, except in cases where the parties agree to pay after the provision of the COC, the supplier is entitled to interest on arrears equal to 0.5% of the debt amount for each day of delay until the date of payment. If the customer fails to make the payment even during the extension period granted by the supplier in the written notification (sent by e-mail or text message), the supplier will no longer be bound by the confirmed order.

The time limits for placing the order and obtaining the COC differ and depend on the type / brand of the vehicle and the country of first registration.
The time limit for obtaining the COC reported on is only indicative; the actual time limit depends on the conditions of the supplier’s other business partners. The time limit may differ in exceptional circumstances.
The waiting period for the customer to make the payment is not included in the time limit defined for the supply and delivery of the COC.
Courier delivery times are not included in the time limit.

If the supplier is unable to provide the COC within the agreed time limit, the supplier will return the payment amount to the customer as soon as possible, no later than 14 days from the withdrawal, according to the same payment method in which the amount had been paid.
The delivery of the COC to the delivery address is ensured by the supplier.
The customer is obliged to ensure that the withdrawal of the COC takes place without any problems; in particular, the customer is required to make himself available at the telephone number specified for delivery on the scheduled day or in any case he must be present at the place of the delivery address; in particular, the customer must have a mailbox correctly and adequately marked, if the customer is not able to collect the COC it will be delivered to the sender and at the same time the customer will be duly informed.

8.1 The customer:

has the right to cancel the order without giving reasons at any time before making the payment. After the payment has been credited to the supplier’s account, the customer will not be able to cancel the order.
is not authorized to withdraw from the COC supply contract since the start of the provision of services took place with the explicit consent of the consumer in accordance with the provisions of §4 paragraph 6) and § 7 paragraph 6) letter a) of law no. 102/2014 Coll., Unless otherwise agreed between the parties; in this case, the supplier will be entitled to claim the full
amount of payment from the customer, since the supplier has already proven to bear certain expenses in connection with the supply of the COC.

9.1 The supplier will not be held responsible for the content and accuracy of the COC, for which the entity (vehicle manufacturer) that issued the Certificate is responsible.

9.3 Furthermore, the supplier will not be held responsible in the following cases:

delay in delivery of the COC caused by the person in charge of delivery (registered mail or courier),
delay in delivery of the COC caused by incorrect recipient address,
damage to the COG caused by the person in charge of delivery (registered mail or courier),
incorrect data on the COC caused by errors in completing the order by the customer. Conditions.

10.1 The customer will inform the supplier by telephone: +39 3701540976 or by e-mail about any COC defect; this information must be provided promptly no later than 30 days from the withdrawal of the COC. The customer then sends the COC together with the invoice to the supplier’s address. Upon receipt of the COC subject of the complaint and after having recognized the legitimacy of the complaint, the supplier will be required to contact the customer in order to agree on how to deal with the complaint. The supplier will review the complaint without undue delay, no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

10.3 In case of any error in the COC for which the customer is responsible (for example, due to the incorrect compilation of the electronic order as per point 2.3 of these conditions) or in case of errors for which the manufacturer of the vehicle for

for example, error in the vehicle’s VIN number or other serious error in the data entered, the supplier – at the request of the customer – will be required to collaborate in order to make improvements, and in particular to provide a new COC without defects. However, cooperation, within the meaning of the previous sentence, can never be considered as an acknowledgment of the supplier’s responsibility for the aforementioned errors.

In the case of natural persons (consumers), the complaint proceeds in compliance with the legal provisions of the civil code and of Law no. 250/2007 Coll. On consumer protection, in the case of entrepreneurs in accordance with the relevant provisions of the commercial code.
If the consumer (natural person) is not satisfied with the way in which the complaint has been resolved or believes that his rights have been violated, the consumer has the right to submit an alternative dispute resolution proposal to an ADR entity, pursuant to of Law no. 391/2015 Coll. On alternative dispute resolution. The alternative dispute resolution only concerns disputes between the consumer and the seller with a value greater than 20.00 euros. The competent ADR body is the English Trade Inspectorate or another legal entity registered in the list of ADR bodies. The proposal can be submitted by the consumer to the ADR body in paper form, in electronic form or orally in the relevant minutes. More detailed information on ADR is available on the Ministry’s website at

11.1 Please read more about the protection of personal data in our privacy policy.

12.1 The customer will receive notifications from the supplier regarding changes in the status of their order. The notification of the updated order status will be sent to the customer’s e-mail address.

The supplier reserves the right to make unilateral changes to this deed. Each modification to these conditions will be valid when the same conditions are published on in full (in the updated version); therefore the conditions thus modified will come into force on the date reported there, but never before the publication itself on the website.
In any case, the conditions apply to the individual relationship between customer and supplier pursuant to the version in force on the date on which the final confirmation of the electronic order was sent by the customer unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.
These conditions become valid and effective from the date of publication on the website on 15-06-2021.