The certificate of conformity (COC) is a declaration of conformity with EC approval. The purpose of this certificate of conformity is to ensure the movement of goods within the European Union, and in particular for those goods that are subject to type approval and registration.

EuropaCoc can provide the following COCs:

passenger vehicles (M1)
utility vehicles (N1)
the motorcycles (L)
The COC is therefore a declaration of the manufacturer in which it certifies that the vehicle conforms to the given type approved.

The document contains all the information on the vehicle and the identification of the manufacturer, the approval number and technical specifications, etc.

If you have imported the vehicle from abroad, in many cases you will need the “COC” certificate of conformity to confirm that it is a European model and can be driven without problems.

All certificates of conformity of our company are official documents provided by the manufacturer or the vehicle brand representative. Original is the first certificate that the first vehicle owner should receive.

So all the others may have written “duplicate” or “copy” but still correspond to the original of the COC and contain more security signs such as watermark, hologram or signature.

The certificate of conformity reports the technical characteristics of a specific vehicle, including chassis number (VIN), number of seats, color, norms and standards regarding emissions, fiscal power, displacement, maximum speed, type of fuel, consumption, type of gearbox, etc. Unlike the registration certificate, the certificate of conformity generally includes many technical points.